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Ma nurturing motherhood is an exclusive antenatal studio offering professional guidance for every expectant mother. The workshops help mothers know about pre/postnatal care, pregnancy myths, and learn exercises/breathing techniques for a successful delivery. We have designed the antenatal program to prepare the couples for birth and care required beyond the birth. Unlike other prenatal classes, we focus more on traditional and scientifically proven techniques, which not only he!p in normal delivery but aiso aid in spiritual bonding between parents and the baby. We also plan for specialized couple sessions which brings out a unique bonding experience and feeling of togetherness.
Detailed explanation of the labour session helps in removing the fear of the expecting mother and makes them more confident about the delivery procedure. MA Pregnancy Classes give support throughout the pregnancy and even beyond that. We give practical support for breastfeeding mothers and also provide detailed classes for complementary feeding.
All our programs focus on the LEAN (Lifestyle, Exercises, Attitude, Nutrition) concept of pregnancy care to address all important aspects.


Lifestyle refers to how you choose to divide your time between work, relaxation, hobbies and sleep, as well as the choices you make regarding healthy living. These lifestyle choices will continue to be important even after your baby is born and will enable you to provide optimal care for your baby.


Refers to being physically active & fit, which is important for your physical, as well as mental health. particularly while you are pregnant or adjusting to new motherhood, regular exercise & breathing techniques can help you feel good about your changing body. It can help to regulate your sleep cycles too.


Refers to keeping your mind healthy and your outlook positive. Especially while you are adjusting to the demands of motherhood, it is important to stay positive and maintain a healthy perspective about your role as a mother. We will help you with the constant support & guidance right when you need it.


Refers to your body’s intake of nutrients to foster optimal health. During pregnancy your body will work to provide all the nutrients for your baby, which means that you will have to be extra conscious to ensure that you say ‘yes’ to healthy, nutritious foods, and ‘no’ to food that provide little or no nutrition.

Our Services

We prepare the couples for the birth & beyond with a wide range of scientifaclly proven techniques & expert counselling.

Professional Child Birth Classes
Pregnancy Yoga & Exercises
Magical Bonding
Lactational Counseling
Complementary Feeding Counseling

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With all amenities embedded Ma Motherhood is your one stop destination for  Pregnancy Care

Why Choose Ma?

Bringing a new life into this world is a matter of joy. A new phase of your life begins here. There are confusion, anxiety and expectations of providing the baby the best. You almost wish there is someone to guide you during this phase. Let our carefully crafted workshops take you through these steps.


Classes & Counseling offered by highly qualified & internationally certified Experts

N. Hema Yazhini

Qualified childbirth educator
Lactation consultant
Pregnancy health coach

Dr. K. Surekha

Senior Physiotherapist


Being pregnant is wonderful and it’s even better when you meet other expectant parents. Not only do antenatal classes provide the opportunity for friendly support, but you are also educated on the finer points of dealing with pregnancy, how your child is developing,
what to expect when you give birth and how to go about giving your child the best just after the birth

Though they aren't compulsory, antenatal classes can help you and your partner to focus on your pregnancy and prepare for labour and birth. If your classes address early parenthood, you'll also be better prepared for the practicalities, and the highs and lows, of parenthood. You'll also meet other parents-to-be during the sessions. Some classes
are booked according to your due date, so you'll meet women or couples whose babies will be born at a similar time.

Going to a couples' class gives you both the chance to focus on your pregnancy and make it feel more real for you. Classes also provide practical information about being a birth partner and a new parent. Your partner will have the chance to try out techniques, such as breathing support and decision-making, in preparation for their role. It's also an opportunity for you both to meet other parents-to-be.

Anyone who is pregnant can attend the prenatal classes, starting from third month of pregnancy. We also focus on the LEAN (Lifestyle, Exercises, Attitude, Nutrition) concept of pregnancy.


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